A small automatic flight robot

Designed with RHINO4 in 2006. Two small jet engines will fly. You will automatically arrive at your destination using GPS. The payload is 100Kg and the speed is 120km, so it can be produced at low cost. Co-developed with government research institutions
06825-001 06825-003 3DTR-25 3DTR2-1 jet-002 jet-cover


Is this one of those automated drones (or maybe the father) that are being used to airdrop medication in remote areas of Africa?

here an updated article about that

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Good job!

Are the below pictures a sample of the manufactured helicopter?

Also, it has the structure and function of a plane, but with a helicopter figure, so why it must be called a helicopter?

I apologize to you.

I didn’t read the title attentively and I supposed you mentioned it a helicopter.