A setting was changed, can't find my way back

In the “Top” viewport I would go to Axonometric view by holding Shift-Command and then right click and drag. When in Axonometric view right clicking would allow me to rotate.

Some setting changed, without me doing this, and now right clicking and dragging only pans. I now have to constantly hold Shift and Command and right click and drag to rotate.

How do I get my old mouse behavior back?

look for this setting and uncheck it.

@encephalon, bingo. That was it. Thank you very much. I have no idea how that setting got unchecked while I was working. I will save this notification for when this happens again. I know it will. :wink:

i have never had to reset that ever. it is also not possible to reset it by an accident shortcut afaict since you might need an advanced script to do that. maybe there was a default setting which got overriden when you installed v8 after using v7 but i am not certain that this could be the case. it is strange that you would believe that this would be a predeterminant dynamic function :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :vulcan_salute:

I disagree. It just happened again. At least I now know how to quickly get it back to where I want it. I have not been able to actively reproduce this, but you can trust me when I tell you that this happens regularly. I don’t what action triggers this. If I figure it out I will let you know.

I did not install V8 from V7. It was a clean install after my previous computer died and the new computer OS X did no longer support my old V5.

Thank you for insulting me with "it is strange that you would believe … "

it was not meant as in insult, but a humerus statement of my astonishment. guys get your crap together really… always accusing each other is getting so annoying. its the f*** internet, try reading the other way around without ego.

to your problem i really can not believe that this would happen regularly. i also have a mac and i never ever had to reset that function.

maybe post your system info and some developer could have a look if they can repeat it.

Yes, if you manage to figure it out, definitely post the method here. Are you using any scripts or other plug-ins that might be doing something with your settings that you don’t know about?

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