A Sequence of Poser Meshes into Rhino WITH Poser Textures for an Animation

Hi all,

I have been tasked with making an animation using Poser figures, but they need to be immersed into a point cloud scene. I am working with the point cloud in Rhino. I would like to export key stills from a Poser animation into Rhino with the same textures as in Poser. It is important, for example, the skin color and t-shirt color of the Poser figures.

I have found that if I export as a .dxf, .vrml, or .obj (with the associated .mtl file) that the mesh in Rhino is untextured (also, the mesh is grouped in a way that is not the same as in the Poser figure, but that’s a later problem). Also, the eyelashes appear odd. I have found that I can manually find and bring in the appropriate texture images from the Poser directory and apply them in Rhino. However, for 3 figures in a 5 second animation with, say, 10 frames per second, that would be 150 manual texturings.

Is there ANY way to get around this?

I really appreciate your help!

Are you doing this with Rhino 5 or Rhino 6?

Rhino 5, but I have access to Rhino 6 if necessary.

Can you try the import in V6? There have been many fixes there since V5.

If that still doesn’t work please share a zip with all necessary files to reproduce at rhino3d.com/upload . Copy the link to this topic in the comments section, we’ll be able to investigate then.

I actually figured it out with V5. For whatever reason, the .jpg’s being used for textures needed to be of square dimension!