A script or plugin to improve Fillet variable edge? I would pay for it


The tool doesn’t work properly as soon as the edges are acute. The fillet fails etc.
Is it impossible to make a script or something to solve this issue? I would pay for it


Can you post some sample geometry where fillets fail?

@chuck, can you chime in here?

Yes, please post examples. I don’t know of any plug-ins or scripts.

I attach a file with the curve which is typically the kind of shape I work with.
If you try to extrude a solid and then fillet the outer edges, you will quickly see the problem.

I start with an imported curve, and I need to end up with a solid that has rounded edges, but the process is a real pain, and fails most of the time, even when I rebuild the curve and correct all the points. (also the Rebuild tool is very inefficient, since it can’t handle sharp corners either)

Here are 2 pics to illustrate:
The curve I start with

And the result I’m trying to get (rounded outer edges)

If you try to do it you will immediately understand what I mean.

If someone is capable of making a script to make this process easier and faster I am ready to pay for it.

Thanks for your advice

Sorry I forgot to attach the 3dm file with the curve in case someone wants to try.
Here it is KKA curve.3dm (81.4 KB)


yeah, a special Fillet able to do this kind of situation could be good. The Fillet today fails most the time in doing the “Full round” shapes.

two thumbs up for that plugin

My stupid answer:
have you tried offsetting the crv and using loft?
Ok it’s not a proper Fillet, but it’s fast enough and reliable for text of this complexity.

I’m trying to put together a GH definition.

@chuck, did you see this geometry?


Thanks for sending the file. I’ll put it on the bug list. Looks like I have to find a better way to extend the fillet surfaces when the natural extensions don’t intersect.


Hi Skysurfer,

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve tried it and the result is good enough for the outer edges.
However I also need to slightly fillet the inner edges of my design and “fillet edge” fails miserably.

I am actually trying to see if another 3d package than Rhino would be better suited to my needs.

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