A quick Logitech question to the Mac gurus

Is it possible to get the MMB (scroll wheel) to work on OS X - without having to install the Logitech drivers?


I finally decided on USB Overdrive which works a lot better than the Logitech drivers. You can either use it free with a nag screen at startup, or pay $20 to make the nags go away. --Mitch

Thanks Mitch! It just occurred to me that I allready have Magic Prefs for my Magic Mouse and track pad installed. I wonder if that might interfere with USB Overdrive (or Logitech’s own drivers? Do you (or anyone) know?


This is on their site:

Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad:
I’ve been waiting forever for Apple to release an official way to
generate multitouch events, but after three years it looks like this
just won’t happen. I can talk to the Magic devices and I can make them
perform lots of interesting things, but this completely disables their
built-in functionality. I am therefore no longer handling known Magic
Mouse and Magic Trackpad devices in the USB Overdrive, so you can use
their original Mac OS X multitouch gestures without any interference.

you can’t zoom with the scroll wheel? or the MMB doesn’t work?

fwiw, i use logitech mice with no 3rd party drivers and both of those work for me. (zooming and popup menu via MMB)

AFAIK, you can’t program the other buttons (besides the scroll wheel) with the built-in Mac drivers (Windows either, btw). But I had all sorts of weird glitches with the Logitech drivers installed, things like runaway zooming or mouse cursor speed slowing to a crawl.

With USB overdrive I was able to program the thumb button on my 705 to be the MMB, and so far no glitches. I’ll test some more for free, then I will send the guy his $20…


Yeah, I saw that, but I didn’t know what to make of it regarding Magic Prefs…


Scrolling works, but not using it like a button.


Thanks! I will definetely not try that then…