A question about scaling

Hi there, I designed a wall and I want to scale it from 600mm to 400mm.

this picture is just a example because the real wall with design is too slow to operate,
anyway, all the scaling component need a center point, but in my case, I think I need something like “center curve” or “center surface”
check out the pics, the thickness of bigger wall is 600mm and the small one is 400mm, so all I have to do is make the thicker one to the thinner one.
I upload the example file. thanks!

OK, I made a simple one with lines, I don’t know how can I offset it, maybe something like “box mapping”?


scale.3dm (108.2 KB)

“Scale” is probably an improper concept here.
You should remove top and bottom surfaces, make offsets and close again your solid.

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I think I didn’t tell it right, this “wall” is actually not wall, it has very complicated structure, more than 1GB, that’s why I simplified it as wall, so I really need scale it…

@maje90’s advice still holds though. The transformation you’re after is not a linear one, i.e. it cannot be encoded into a 4x4 matrix like Scale or Move can. It’s a spatial deformation instead. And unless your data already understands what it is and how it’s made, that will be quite difficult.

The offset route should work, provided your offsets at no point cause self-intersections, and provided the thickness adjustment is indeed supposed to be along the normal of the surfaces and has the same offset distance everywhere.

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