A problem with smooth surface

Hi,i made a copy of tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6eSoM8HqDg
no bad but i have problem with smooth surface!

thanks in advance

neuer_Ring_Test.gh (29.0 KB)

i dont understund what are wrong.Thanks in advance :pray:

Your final mesh has inconsistent face normal directions, so you’d better unify mesh normal directions beforehand.

I just added Weaverbird’s Unify face windings to unifiy face directions and Mesh WeldVertices from meshedit plugin to weld seperate mesh faces within tolerance.

And finally, your mesh is comprised by quads, so Catmull-Clark Subdivision would be more appropriate to get what you want IMHO.

neuer_Ring_Test_re.gh (33.1 KB)

Kim you are the best… :ok_hand:regards from italy