A plugin or definition dealing with crystalline growth? Like a geode?

Not sure where to start on this one, these are so chaotic. A simplified approach would be to use Delaunay triangulation on a curved surface, I’m guessing?


The closest I know is for a single crystal

And SnowFlake

Thanks, I’ll play with those.

Voronoi Cell seems to be the perfect tool.

There are some added plugin, the mandatory is Dual Mesh, could be replaced by some Voronoi

The convex Hull is just there to make some rough triangulated mesh.

Here a try using some part of sphere, then remesh (rough) using Ngon Plugin (work best sometimes than MeshMachineStatic)

I added an option for the back size.
If not enough spicky, lower the angle and put more value of scale for the bounding box scaling.
crystal growth on surface v2.gh (46.9 KB)


Check this as well

study3.gh (46.6 KB)


Another variation with fixed number of sides, perfects (regular?) or less perfect. With end perfect or not …

crystal growth on surface perfect crystal.gh (49.9 KB)


Amazing! It goes a little crazy when I put in more organic trimmed/deformed surface through, “perfect crystal” goes ape. The “V2” handles it a bit better but I’m wondering how to take more control, to break up repetition and symmetry.

crystal growth on surface v2 with organic mesh.gh (323.0 KB)

What is important is the mesh, depending on it the dual mesh gives the size of the crystal.
So you need to remesh with triangles your surface.
Your mesh

The dual mesh it gives

Dual mesh of the surface remeshed (unsing remesher from Ngon plugin)

“Topology matters”

20201019_crystal growth on surface.gh (377.1 KB)

20201019_crystal growth perfect crystal.gh (382.1 KB)

Fast render


That’s beautiful, had a hell of a time trying to union everything afterwards, the front and back. Even harder time cutting it in cross sections but I did a little SLA test print.


Thanks for showing the result. Have you some more pictures ? Surface quality seems good.

Just a first test, I’m going to scale it up much larger in three sections to max out print area and bond it together using resin and a UV light. Hopefully that’ll get me a decent size chunk for a lighting test, playing with photography props. I’ll post the results.