A Method for Fillet Edge that Might Work in Some Problem Situations

Sharing an observation that might be a tip:

Problem Fillet Edge 2.3dm.zip (217.3 KB)
I raise the possibility that, when FilletEdge is not working one approach to try is to fillet edges separately.

In this example I need to fillet the upper edge of the opening all the way around. It appears that the far left corner is going to the be problem (but turns out not to be). The upper forward face is conical. This is a rudder hub that rotates around the center of the cone. The curve of the cone is close (but not exact to) being smooth with the side of the rudder.

First try, doing it all together—disaster. Nothing works. I adjusting radii at the corners but come up with zilch.

So then I fillet the inside curve on its own. That works. But now when I want to do the outside curve, total caca. I could not come up with any combination of radio setting that will get anything rational.

So then I fillet the forward edge one its own.

That works but leaves a jagged corner at the vertical line where the edge ends. But I ignore that and do a second fillet edge on the rest of that larger edge.

Then all the edges have fillet----with no adjusting radii at all.

It is counter-intuitive to me that breaking the forward and side edges up works while doing it all together does not. In particular is not clear why doing the forward edge on its own allows the side edges to fillet on their own. In any event, maybe breaking up filleted, even when the edges are close to smooth, can work in some situations.

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