A line 90 degree to the other line


i need help to get a line about one point to the other line 90 degree on in. Can someone help me?


Anleimer aufteilen Support.gh (21.8 KB)

It’s hard to help, since it’s not clear what exactly do you want to achieve. Neither from your file or from the description. Do you mean something like this?

Anleimer aufteilen Support_help.gh (23.1 KB)

exactly thats the problem thanks. I need a fix distance between the points of 500-600 mm can you help me there too?

Well I’m afraid if the two curves are already given, you can achieve only one of the two things. You either can define the second point from every pair by the angle, or by the distance.

Best solution would be to create the second curve by offseting the first one by 600mm or any other distance you need. Then every point generated using the method above would have that exact distance.