A layer on the surface

Hello! I was trying to build a surface with a layer on top of it like this, but have not gotten any solutions yet, any help? thanks!

Hello - You may be looking for ‘decals’ See Help on those.


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couldn’t find this command…

Hi @cdragon07756113739
Not uite sure if you are looking to apply graphics to your model or if it’s the “wrap around” effect of the surface you are looking for? If it’s the graphics, you are looking for Decals, as @pascal mentioned. If it’s the geometry, you should take a look at VariableOffsetSrf

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Hi, thanks for the reply! It’s geometry that I am looking for. I have tried VariableOffsetSrf just now, it seems the command creates 2 individual surfaces rather than 1, which can’t combine them naturally like the reference pic…or I did it the wrong way?

Hi @cdragon07756113739
Looking at the reference geometry again, I would probably do it like this:

Of course you can do the curves in many different ways, but circles that are cut open and then edit the end points was the quickest way I could think of :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob
Edit: Notive that I have history on, so that the loft updates as I edit the curves!

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very nice! however, in this way, I would have less control over the outline by using loft, and also the gap, right?

Well, that depends, I guess. You can tweak the curves individually and insert as many sections as you need - I just wanted to show the basic approach. For the gap, you can insert custom sections in the BlendSrf command, if you want to have more control of the transition - or you can give Sweep2 a go instead. Beware, though: Less control points and less sections results in better, cleaner surfaces, so try and keep it to a minimum :slight_smile:

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