A 'just' button

I am looking for a command , function or menu that evaluates a object and tells me it’s outside dimensions.
Currently I draw two construction lines and jog them in to the object or snap to the outside edge of the object if I can. Then measure between them. Or I place a point at each end and use evaluatept. Then work out the difference.
Is there a ‘just’ button I can press that tells me the dims of a outside of the object?

Or has any one got a faster method?

Hello - use BoundingBox > Output = None (reports to the command line only) or BoxEdit for this.

@doubleclick - here’s a one-click - see how this quick python works - to one-buttonize it use this macro

! -RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double quotes"

BBDims.py (1.2 KB)


Thanks. I will give that a go. Does this work on a mesh object as well?

BoxEdit might also be worth investigating for this purpose.


I use the following for visualization purposes. I draws a ghosted (world-oriented) box and 3 text dots of X, Y and Z extents. The box and dots are grouped for easy deletion. The values are also reported on the command line.

BoundingBoxWithSize.py (3.5 KB)