A good way to 'copy by objects'

Loving Rhino 7 and the SubD revolution! Great for jewelry purposes. But…

There’s a function in RhinoGold that I love called CopyByGems. So for example you make a bunch of various sized diamonds on a curve or surface, and want to put a hole-cutter on each. CopyByGems takes a a cutter and orients it and can scale it to all those diamonds from a single origin diamond.

Any way to do this with pure Rhino7 functions? Arrays and such? The scaling especially is handy.

I guess one way to do this is by using blocks. Create a block out of one diamond and then scale that block to different sizes and positions. Then if you edit block to add that cutter it gets added to all diamonds. If you then explode your blocks you have your cutter in the correct position and size.

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Hello - you might check out the Armadillo plug-in on Food4Rhino:


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Thank you both; I will give those ideas a try. Gotta level-up my skills! I’ll post a progress report demo if I figure it out nicely and presentably :slight_smile: