A few things vor the V6 wish list

Hi guys,

I am using the functionality within the text command or to read out block count or area.

It would be great if the block count could be per layer. Right now it keeps on counting all the blocks in the file.
For example: If you make several different floor plans with furniture you must be able to count the blocks per floorplan so for example per rhino layer. Right now it reads all the blocks.

I like to work in cm or mm. When I read out the area of a hatch it will also give me the area in sqmm or sqcm depending in which scale I am working. It would be great to tell the area in which scale it should be printed into the text.

it would be great to perform a few simple calculations inside the txt command like:
subtract this area count from that area count or add this are to this area . . .

Thanks, Oliver

Do you mean the command history? I’m not clear on where you want this to appear.You can specify the units you want to appear in the command history window by using the -(dash) version of the area command. Type -Area. An option for units appears at the command prompt.

Again, what do you actually mean by the “txt command”?

Can we get a feature to constrain curve tangencies as the curves are edited?

Is there a user manual that will teach all commandss, options, and nuances of each that is selectable?

It would be helpful if tutorial speeds would have the options of running at various speeds depending on user ability and difficulty of teh subject.


Tom M.