A few RhinoScript updates and new methods

Hi @dale,

Ready for few more pile items for RhinoScript methods? Hope so : ) Some of them we have talked about and ‘should be doable’, right ? Thanks in advance–

  1. EnableObjectGrips - update needed: does not work with PolySurfaces (equivalent of SolidPtON needed). We can work around this by some gymnastics and using command, but would be nice it this one worked

  2. PointArrayClosestPoint - Bug : if the array of points contains only one point, the method returns Null. Needs to return 0.

  3. Enabling Gumball in scripting. This is a big wish. Here is what I think we would ideally need to work with it:
    3.1. GetGumballFrame(strObject / arrObjects) - returns array - current gumball frame or creates one if it does not exist
    3.2. SetGumballFrame(strObject / arrObjects, arrPlane) - sets gumball frame of one or many objects
    3.3. GumballSettings(intSetting,value) - get or change gumball settings (intSetting - # of one of the list like snappy behavior,colors,element sizes etc.)
    3.4. GumballXform(arrObjects,[arrFrame], [intFlags],[blnOneShot],[blnSelect]) - the main UI method:


  • xform matrix of final gumball transformation or Null if nothing changed


  • arrObjects (or strObject) - required: objects to transform
  • arrFrame - optional. Gumball frame. If not provided, object(s) current frame is used (or created on the fly if not present)
  • intFlags - optional - transforms available (if skipped, all available, otherwise it will not show elements to do these transofrms): 0-moveX,1-moveY,2-moveZ,3-scaleX etc. (including move XY, XZ,YZ)
  • blnOneShot - optional - if False (default) users can transform as many times as they want until hitting ENTER (or RMB) to finish the transform. If True, method exits after first successful transform. This would be very helpful if we wanted things other than selected objects change/update with each gumball transform
  • blnSelect - optional, true by default - objects are selected during transform

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