A few questions for Rhino

Is there a tool Rhino roulette or ruler in AutoСAD or ArchiCAD?
Is it possible to copy the object by dragging and dropping a hotkey?
Is it possible to edit an object without transformation tools with the help of the properties of an object? For example change the height of the cube as in 3dsMax: just score a new number in Height?

  1. Analyze - Length/Distance
  2. How can You drag and drop a hotkey?!
  3. Panels - BoxEdit
  4. Everything is in the Help - have You read it or search it?

Thank you!

  1. I know this method. Something like this is implemented in SketchUp. I was wondering if there is a visual tool to AutoCAD.
  2. I have some difficulty with the English language. I’m sorry. I mean, in this way: hot key (Ctrl, ect.) + Drag = Copy. So it works in AutoCAD.
  3. Thank you)
  4. I have read and continue to learn.

Yes, while dragging press Alt once (do not hold it down). You should see a little “+” sign show up near the cursor, that means it will make a copy. Also check out the Gumball manipulator.

No, not in that way. Objects do not have parametric properties in Rhino, they have no “memory” of the numbers that were used to create them. So you will have to post-edit the objects differently. For example with sub-object selection you can move one of the faces of your cube by dragging or a specific distance move (with or without Gumball). All the usual transformation tools such as scale, rotate can also be applied to sub-objects.


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Ok. Thank you, Helvetosaur.

Tried dragging an object and pressing Alt once, but I don’t get the “+” sign near the cursor, and I don’t get a copy. The command line even gives the “Tap the Alt Key” option when I’m dragging the object, but it isn’t working. Is there a setting I have to change in Options?

Select / tap Alt / drag.
If you tap Alt after you start dragging it doesn’t work.

Tapping Alt after starting to drag works here.