A few annoyances

Not really bugs, may be oversights, nevertheless some improvements I’d like to see:

-The DeleteMeshFace doesn’t allow for Ctrl-click to unselect (or undo on command line). I just did another test and it seems I can Ctrl-click a face to un-select it, but only from its “front” side. Shouldn’t we have the same select / un-select abilities? If I can select from the back side, I should be able to un-select by Ctrl-click at the same point.

-While in a command that allows for AutoChain selection, such as BlendSrf, if the Selection menu pop-up shows up because there’s two possible paths for the chain, and it’s not in the current view (I’m zoomed on the other end of a long object), we cannot zoom out and/or pan to accept the right selection.


Hi Marc- I do not see this here in my test - I can ctrl-click from either side of a selected face to remove it from the selection,.However, in wireframe, I can only deselect by clicking on an edge, even if the face is ‘shade highlighted’.

Yeah… I don’t know what is possible while the selection menu is up- I’ll ask, but off hand I am not too optimistic in the short term on this one.


Yes, I have run into this as well. Sometimes it’s virtually impossible to select a face no matter what - usually in the perspective viewport… --Mitch

Yeah, I kept working with this command and it works almost all the time… The exception is frustrating when the object has another side…

Hi Marc - when navigating and selecting faces on a mesh, I almost always find it is easier and more predictable to switch to a parallel projection- you might try that and see if the problem goes away.


I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!