A fast way to introduce tolerances when using bools?

Each machine has it’s own tolerance, so when modeling I need to take account of that…

Now for simple joints, when using like a bool difference, is there like a way to automatically introduce some tolerance, maybe with like a pop up menu, each time when using the bool? without having me to scale it by hand?

Hi @Ly_Ly,

I’m going to assume that by tolerance you mean clearance.

There’s no way to supply a machining clearance to a boolean difference in native Rhino. There could be in plugins (for example, Boltgen allows you to add a clearance to a thread cutter).

Assuming you don’t find anything suitable, I would recommend using offset rather than scaling. Scaling can introduce misalignments (albeit at circa tolerance distances).

By way of example, here I have a threaded rod (red) which I want to boolean from a block (black) with a clearance of 0.01mm.

I offset the red solid outward by half my tolerance creating a cutter (blue) and use that in the boolean difference.

Which gives me the clearance I want (half on each side of the hole).

This process isn’t horribly slow.

(Note that I only use the thread as an example - I would not normally cut threads this way.)