A Display Mode Glitch(?) I'd like to take advantage of >UNWELDED EDGES

I have a few collections of low poly mesh 3D figures.

One of these has a nice graphical quality in the customised Arctic view I use (the figures on the right here)

I’ve tried everything I can think of to get my other figures to look like this but to no avail! As far as I can tell the properties are matched.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Many thanks

Arctic Hugh 1.ini (12.9 KB)

It’s not a display glitch. The edges you see are unwelded edges. You can run the Weld command and specify a tolerance to weld some of the edges…

Here I ran the command with 50° angle tolerance on the woman mesh and 30° on the male model:

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Many thanks for this Martin!

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