A Custom Workspace

Most applications that are thick with commands, icons, toolsets and palettes, offer the option to easily create custom workspaces.

There is an option to make them with aliases and shortcuts, but that to my thinking is not what computers are for. I am more productive when the process is well defined and simple.

I run off three 23" monitors and I try to get most of what I need to work with (windows and palettes) up on either side of the centre monitor (which I use for the Rhino 4 view or Detailed One view).

And I like to vary the display of palettes, depending on what aspect of construction I am working on i.e modelling, rendering, animating etc.

Is there any chance of making this a simple direct process i.e. photoshop or illustrator as example.


Are you talking about customizing toolbars/floating “pallets” of tools?

In Rhino Hidden Secrets… Its Number 9 “Schemes” http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/hiddensecrets

I know it as “Workspaces” and for the most part it is the location and or the appearance of “Panels” that are relative to the task at hand.

I think (as I have the space) I would always have the help window (or panel) open all the time, and Properties is another I like to reference. but most others come and go depending on my focus, and a pull down menu to change the set of information, reference and support … specific to a task, would be very helpful.


It sounds like what you want are toolbar groups and sidebars. In the default workspace, you have top tabs for a bunch of different types of tasks, and each one can open a sidebar that has a set of tools specific for the task.

You do not need to use the default top tabs, you could for example have fewer tabs that are organized into tasks such as modeling, rendering, drafting, etc… Then you can configure the sidebars with the toolbar buttons which you want for each task.

This stuff is now somewhat complicated to understand and put in place, so it may take a little bit of time to get your system up and running.


The “Workspace” has the style, content, state and position of those Windows, Plates or Palettes that relate directly to the task currently ongoing. Two - five workspaces would cover most peoples workflow.

Its just a huge timesaver not having to open or position windows, plates or pallets (whatever name fits) Workspaces become the shifter (no clutch) to the dynamic of Rhino.

For some reason I could not upload the image of three monitors so here is a file from my Dropbox

Regards, Greg