A bug for Deconstruct Brep in GH 1.0.0004

GH 0.9.076 is OK!
Concrete as shown in figure!




I wouldn’t call it a bug in a classical sense. Its a bug in terms of that it doesn’t return a true error message in the error balloon which is bad. Luckily it catches on a lower level so Grasshopper didn’t crash.

Seems that automatic casting was removed and I actually find this is a good step!
It doesn’t make any sense to apply “deconstruct brep” on a polyline. I believe its rather good to return an error instead of casting it silently to a Brep. Worst errors are those which return any data, but its not clear where the error occurs because no error message appeared. Its also good for other people looking at your script if they only see things which make sense.

To solve this you need to make a brep before pulling it into it, or using explode polyline

error.gh (7.3 KB)

I understand and agree with what you mean.But for us users, this is a BUG.Either you don’t tell me wrong or you tell me the wrong thing in same circumstance.There is no bug in understanding its laws.

Tom - can you explain why the wires in your image have sharp corners?

Saw from a past post. He changed them via script.

Thanks - that makes sense. I wonder if he’d send it to me. Or maybe David.

Nope. He’s not a fan…

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Maybe you should be able to study the gh SDK.After all, millipede, Panda, and Monolith plug-ins have all been successful.In fact, you can contact Human author Andrew Heumann and ask him to make a related component.

No, actually this was very difficult to achieve. Wire appearance can’t be overridden for all components. Millipede just did it for their own component. Its a complicated process although relatively short in code.
With that approach you can change whole grasshopper but you have to be very careful.
Basically you replace the method pointer for the original wire drawing method and replace it with your injected one. This however needs to be done in a compiled .dll before wires are painted. So scripting doesn’t work here

and he doesn’t need to be a fan. That’s the advantage of being able to code. I don’t need to ask anyone for permission for customising things. I’m just doing this for myself. Besides that ,the point of changing the wires was not to make wires nicer, its more about controlling grasshopper the way I want.

in that post I just arranged the components, I did not override the wires in there