A bit stuck?

Hiya you great people.

I have this tonneau cover I am going to make for a kit car, I have dimentioned the car using a proliner 3d and almost finished the cover layout but really not sure how to add a cover over the steering wheel.
Usually is looks a little like an orange segment sewn onto the main cover to just provide clearance for the steering wheel.

It has to be made in such a way I can divide the section into flat panels for making from fabric, either 2 or 3 pieces.

I need to be able to do this myself so looking for guidance, and explain like i’m 5 years old heheh


tiger tonneau - copy 2.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hi Richard,

tiger tonneau - wd.3dm (1.7 MB)


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Hi Willem

The look is exactly what i need, I will have a bash at doing it myself right now :slight_smile:

thank you , i will post again when I get myself into trouble :slight_smile:


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HI @Willem

I think I have it now, what I did was instead of using the tubular steering wheel I turned it into a square larger than the tube which gave me a flat surface around the wheel. Then I used Cap for the front which just left the back of the steering wheel to fill. That was a little trickier to get the curve to the cover surface, I moved the CPlane to the cover surface to draw the curve and then just used Loft.

Finally from underneath I used trim to make the hole in the cover and remove unwanted surfaces.

( I know the wheel shows through the surface a little but that won’t make any difference to the final cover )

I have one small segment of surface that I cant seem to trim, should I use project to surface on the curved loft at the back of the steering wheel just to make sure it meets the cover surface or is there another way ? tiger tonneau - rd1.3dm (1001.9 KB)


Your surfaces do no line up correctly.

I also notice that the curves are rather ‘wobbly’ you could consider to rebuild them to get more fluent curves.

Also use the pull command to pull curves towards a surface to be sure trimming will work ( assumed the endpoints line up with the proper starting points of the trim)


Cheers @Willem I’ll try the pull command instead of project, because the panels are being sewn together after they are cut a little wobble in the cut edge doesn’t really matter very much, the sewing seams will smooth out the lines. When sewing, the deviation could be 3 to 4 mm so 0.50mm here and there is ok :slight_smile:

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