A bit OT... know how exchange architecture

Hello everybody,

I moved from Germany to the US two years ago and while I still (remotely) run my office abroad, I am now doing more and more business locally.
Normally this is not a problem because the majority of my work are visualizations (renders, VR, film clips…). But a few customers asked me recently to also help them with work more related to planning and construction e.g. drawing permit plans.

So I am currently exploring the possibilities to do these kind of assignments, however I discovered that I am relatively clueless when it comes to US code and building standards.

So my goal would be to find a few US architects here, which would be willing to help me once in a while by answering some questions when I am stuck somewhere.
In exchange I would be happy to share my knowledge concerning 3D modeling and especially visualization techniques, a business which I practise for over 20 years now and am, in all modesty, quite proficient.

Although this topic is not exactly VARQ related I thought that this might be a good place to start (since this forum is the best one I ever knew!). If the Admins are not OK with that, please inform me and I´ll refer from writing about this issue here in the future…

best regards


P.S: for reference you can take a look at my website:
(I have to upload some more recent projects though…)