A 3D printed skateboard: print, skate, break. Repeat

MakerBot and Felipe Castañeda, an industrial designer, published a series of design studies, including this look at the skateboard.

In the project, Felipe joined Frog’s skateboard challenge with the goal of designing a functional 3D printed skateboard deck. He wanted a deck compatible with standard trucks and wheels, lightweight and textured for tricking, “while still durable enough to support the weight of your average Brooklyn hipster.”

Using parametric design, he used Rhinoceros with Grasshopper to explore lightweight forms. And he had access to the large format MakerBot Replicator Z18 from MakerBot, a Brooklyn-based 3D printing company.

See how Felipe designed and printed his skateboard…

Posted Oct 01, 2018 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.