7r11 changes/issues

After the latest patch 7sr11, I have experienced a few changes that I did not ask for:

  • dragging the square bit of the gumball that usually lets you move in two dimensions (ie x and y) only works orthogonally now if you have ortho snap on. This used to move free in x and y. I liked the old behavior because i could use the green arrow if i wanted to move in only x.

Please give me back the old behavior.

  • Colors of edges/curves seem buggy. I had two wireframe display modes before: one that follows layer colors and one that had black line for everything. Now, I’m seeing layer colors in both modes.
  • As above, same goes in rendered display mode where i have set surfaces edges etc to “use same for all”, but it’s still showing the layer colors.

Please fix the bug.

All the best, Mathias

Hi Mathias -

That was recently fixed but you’ll need to get the 7.12 Release Candidate to get that fix.

Could you provide some more information about that so that I can try to reproduce that here?

Hi Wim, that’s super great regarding the gumball. I realized that I had PrintDisplay on, so that solved the edge colors, so apologies for the trouble :slight_smile: