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I was trying to get a certain desired effect and ran into a problem when I rotate view. Don’t know what to call the setting to fix the problem.!

I cant get text to not flip when I rotate my view unless I make it a text object.

I think there is a setting, isn’t there?

also, wasn’t it possible to scroll thought fonts and see the differences as you scroll while in the dialog creating text or text objects?

oh yea, I just checked rhino 5, if I hover the pointer over font selection field, in text object creation dialog, and I toggle up or down arrows I see font name changes and what ever I already have typed in will update what that font would look like.

Hello - the ArrowUp/Down should work. You need to make sure the font list has focus.

For the text orientation, see this setting:


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that was it, unchecking the option in annotations Defaults.

I figured out what the deal is with scrolling font selections, at least on my machine. For what ever the reason, if there is a cursor blinking in the text entry field (like after I just get done typing)… at this point activating or giving focus to the font and changing selection won’t work with up and down arrows. I had a hard time getting rid of the cursor blinking. what I just figured out is if I have a cursor blinking in the text entry field I found that if I click in the model space scale field to get rid of the cursor, then click on the font selection, then click on some dead area of the dialog pop up, then hover over the font selection…the up and down arrows work and even use of the scroll wheel on the mouse works to index through fonts and watch what the fonts look like as I do that… hope this info makes sense or is useful…7743%203

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