7.4 Breaking Changes

@stevebaer did 7.4.21040.13001 introduced breaking changes? I see a lot of issues with this build. I’m looking for older versions to confirm what happened as my plug literally gone crazy with this build. I know service-release to look on changes but i don’t know where i can find older versions to roll back.

Can you provide a little more information on what you think broke? We can try and work with you to figure out the exact cause and remedy the situation.

Sure I will though first want to investigate which parts exactly are faulty to list stuff it may be that one thing is causing the avalanche effect here, though I can’t find installers for earlier SR’s than 7.3.21039 to verify exactly when this started to fall apart.

I’m in a meeting at the moment. I’ll get you some builds to try once the meeting is over.

As an offline user I download the installer and run it on the offline machine. This process requires a file called “redist” to be in the same directory as the installer. Once a version is installed with the correct redist following installations proceed OK using the redist that is already on the machine.

UNTIL: the required redist changes. Then a separate process is required via the installer to download the new appropriate redist file and it replaces the now outdated one.

SO WHAT? I haven’t updated a redist in many months. But last week the installers for both 7.4 and the latest 7.3 required a new redist and the separate process for getting it didn’t work.
So there’s apparently something seriously amuck as of last week. Maybe your issues are all part of this general backslide.

I honestly don’t know what’s in the redist. C++ libraries? Language files? ???

I also don’t know how this is handled by the online Rhino updater.

Sure. For 7.4 there’s some issue with point clouds in the display pipeline - but I will leave this for later. Tested 7.3 SR and I have the following thoughts Transform.ChangeBasis is doing sth weird or Box.GetCorners() changed their order - I’m more than sure sth off is here and it causes later issues one more suspect is Geometry.Intersect.Intersection.MeshLine but I would hold on that as I see a clear issue with the direction of plane obtained from Corners and ChangeBasis mix.

one more report here

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Can’t find any. I would like to try 7.1.20343 and 7.2.21012. I don’t know why I’m quite confident that 7.1 was working perfect.