60 character limit titles yet I see 71 chars posted

whats going on, 60 chars limit warning popping up for title yet others I count are more.


Hi Steve -
Those with longer titles are likely started some time ago. The limit is a recent change.

Is this McNeels doing or who’s ?

Its a pain as not always can 60 chars accommodate what needs to be said.

Other forums I use are not 60, can’t remember many that are in fact.


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The idea is to keep the overall view of topics readable. People like to ask their questions in the title, the appropriate place is in the body of the message, not in the title. Think of a short title as a creative exercise in being concise…


thanks for the awesome information.

There are times 60 chars is not enough.

spending more time on trying to make it make sense under 60 than the post took.
Perhaps camel train the thing instead ! or should ISaycamelTrainItInstead !

So was it McNeels decision, ?

yet again I cant think of a 60 car way of saying:-
what settings rendered properties show surface colours same as shaded view ?

Now I cannot shorten that.
I need to ask of the view type, the location I refer to, the other view and what its about.

so I need to keep settings rendered properties, as well as surface colours shaded view and same.

I really am hating this stupid limit, no other forums seem to have this we do have technical things to ask, not hey bud I want a beer.

can we go back to the old system, this is just rules for rules sake.


to be fair i like to write concise titles, still i hit that limit either it seems a tiny wee too tight. spending time to think in nutshells only is not a good pratice i agree…

Yeah, I might agree with you on that, perhaps it could be loosened a bit to maybe 72 and still fit on no more than two lines when viewed on a phone…