6-core or fast 4-core?


My 6-core processor, an i7-3930K has just had a meltdown, fortunately just before the warranty is due to expire!

The computer is primarily used for v-ray rendering (as well as Rhino modelling) but rendering speed and capability to do large, detailing renders is very important.

Looking around for a replacement - which will include a new motherboard as well with the 2011 socket being discontinued - would I gain more from a fast 4-core HT’d processor over a slightly slower 6-core HT’d one?

Thanks in advance.


Depends on your budget I think…

Can OC the new i7 6700K to 4.4Ghz comfortably.

For more than twice the money the i7 5960X is octa-core but can be OC to 4.2 Ghz.

Both use DDR4 etc…

First of all, you should try the DRSpawner free utility. It lets you install V-Ray on up to nine more computers to help in rendering. They need to be on a wired network, but you don’t even need Rhino installed on the ‘render nodes.’

The other node computers don’t need to be particularly fast; just leave them running if you need the power. Its amazing how much extra speed you can get with normal computers when you have several more helping out.

Otherwise, if you just have a single system, I do the following math and get the most powerful one I can afford. Here’s my math example:

Computer A : 4-core @ 4.0 GHZ → 4 x 4.0 = 16
Computer B : 6-core @ 3.2 GHZ → 6 x 3.2 = 19.2 faster

I never over-clock. When you get 4- or 6-threads running at 100%, why take a chance?

Thanks Dave & David.

Thats a good simple way of looking at it.

I used to use DR all the time in a previous job where I had a dedicated rendering computer sat next to my work computer. Unfortunately in my current set up I only have the one machine. I can stretch as far as the i7-5820k 6-core which is only slightly quicker than my 3930k, but cheaper than what I originally paid for mine.

I’ve never really OC’d, really nervous about stability, as you point out, if it is already working at 100% whilst rendering, why increase the stress on the system. Think a new 6-core will be the way forward :slight_smile: