6 beta crashed while drawing

was running a tutorial, I think it crashed as I was drawing a control point curve. I had firefox running in the background playing a turtorial on line. I think I noticed lagging and delays while dragging points. RhinoCrashDump.3dm (36.9 KB)
not sure if this file sent out.

(6.0.17332.10241, 11/28/2017)

Hello - if there is a RhinoCrashDump.dmp file on your desk top, can you please zip that and send to tech via





I think it is attached?

Nope - it’s the one with the dmp extension we’re looking for.

I don’t see any *.dmp files. I actually had a crash yesterday as well. I didn’t have patients today and held the power button to get out of it today, yesterday I opted to send the file, don’t know if anyone got it. DOn’t see a sent in outlook. I did notice lagging or delays going on just before. hard drive activity high.

Sorry didn’t look at the date on the file I attached only noticed it today…busy busy.

Hello - if you run into this again, if there is a crash report interface that shows up, please fill that out and send it. If there is no interface, there is a (small) chance that the RhinoCrashDump.dmp will turn up on the desktop - if it does, please zip that up and send it along with a description of what you were doing.



ok, forgot to mention. Yesterday I did fill that out, Today I opened beta It gave me the message about recovering the file that did not save and I opened it and just started working off it.
so when I get time I’ll try and recreate.

OK - thanks - if you sent in the crash report we’ve got what we need for now.


ok, so I don’t know if you get this like i do, I opened the file I attached, the rhinocrashdmp, and I now noticed I cant select that control points line I was drawing, also it seems I got it off plane, I was drawing in front. So tell me, are you able to select that line at all. I can’t even with CNTRL-A, or box selecting both directions. picture show the undetectable


I can select the curve - it appears to be locked in your screen shot, use Unlock to get at it and ProjectToCPlaneto flatten it out.


weird, I just opened that again to see if its locked and it selected no problem so wasn’t locked when I opened it. So, any ideas how could I have locked it without knowing? I know I didn’t type lock with it selected.

No… none…sorry.