6.4 (italian language) - RhinoDotNetCrash [SOLVED in 6.4.18130.19341]

Hi to All

Windows 10 Home 1709 and feedback received with same errors also on Windows 7.

Starting Rhino 6.4 in italian we get a Generic error in GDI+ and the attached RhinoDotNetCrash.txt dump file is generated on Desktop.
RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (3.9 KB)

and continuing Rhino works but the Splash Screen looks like this

During the start this additional error is displayed



  • Michele

I have confirmed that other users (italian) have the same problem when starting Rhino 6.4, the same pop-up window.

Thanks, I’ve logged these bugs (which I believe are separate) as: RH-45961 and RH-45962.

Thanks Brian. They ask me: “For the resolution of this annoying pop-up in startup, will we have to wait for the new service release?”.


No, we’ll put out a hot-fix for SR4.

RH-45961 and RH-45962 are fixed in the latest Service Release (6.4.18130.19341)