6.3 Text causing Rhino to Hang

This feels quite slow.
And sooner or later V6 hangs after some mouse wheel zooming.
NVidia GTX1060

Wow; didn’t expect that. Do you have a file that exhibits the hang while mouse wheel zooming?

The file that makes V6.3 crash.
It seems that it doesn’t crash always…

I have sent the error report, in the comment is your name, and the file is also included.

DimCrash.zip (315.6 KB)

So far, I haven’t been able to repeat a crash or see any difference in performance between what SR3 is doing now and what it was doing in SR2. You can run the “TestGlyphy” to go back to the SR2 style of text display while I investigate further.


Perhaps it has nothing to do with your new method.
The performance feels the same Testglyphy on or off.
Or do I have to restart V6 when the option is changed?

In any case, it is much slower than V5 in both cases.
If you want, you may connect to my PC, if it helps.


Displaying this file is still quite sluggish.
Any new insights?

Hi @Charles

I tested the file. I can also reproduce the sluggishness. I will do a bit more investigating and then create a YouTrack item.


The first step to solve this.

Here’s the YouTrack item: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-45028