58. Enable adjustment of width of bar elements at bottom of screen

Please see link

Hello - please take the time to describe what you’d like - sending us off to videos is unlikely to get much attention.


Oh Hi, sorry, I didn’t know this. It’s just quicker to explain via video.

Basically, the request is to enable adjustment of the widths of the ‘layer view’ element at the bottom of the screen. This is useful when there’s hundreds of layers or nested sublayers with long names. To be able to see the whole name and which upper layer the nested layer is part of would quicken navigation on large projects.

Hello - thanks - the clips are fine, btw, to help in illustrating what you want, but words are good.
The layer panel will expand if you click on it, to the width needed to show you the full structure - does that help at all? There should be a tooltip as well with the full name.


Hi :slight_smile:
I have about 60 things which I have come across since using V6 at my university. I intend to upload them as requests or ‘bugs’ over the next days. How would you recommend the best way is to submit these? There’s a limit of 3 topics per day for new users to the forum.
Would text and the video clip together be an effective method of communication? Sometimes text is difficult to explain things, and the audio visual mode of communication is far easier to work with.

For this issue, I understand that it does expand the folder structure when you click on it. But clicking on it or hovering over it takes time, and knowing where your layer is in complex projects is super important/valuable/time saving. If the user was able to expand the width of that layer element, they could see the full name of the layer they’re working on, and even which layer it’s a sublayer in.

Hello - I guess I’d try to be as clear and succinct as possible in the descriptions, gang together multiple related items in a list… and just blaze away.


Hi - this particular request is on our list as RH-46488. I’ve added this thread to the item for future reference.