50% smaller when I send out?

Hey guys,

Yesterday I sent out a x_t file to my tooler and he told me that when he opened it up on his side it was 50% smaller than I had designed it. This has also happened to on my friends computer when playing around with his 3D printer. All stl and obj files were “about” half the side I intended them to be.

When I make rings I start off on small MM grids, and the tools in inches.

I was hoping someone could point something simple out.



Well, if “about” half, it could be inch-cm conversion (2.54).

STL’s are “unitless”. Units are assumed to be those of the file import, and generally either in mm for metric or inches for imperial for 3d printing.

So if you design something that has a dimension of 10mm and you export it as an STL and someone who is working in imperial opens it, the object will be interpreted as 10 inches.


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Thank you Mitch,

I will look into that.