5.5.5 problem im having

Rhino 5.5.5 problem. Im on an macos high sierra an if i draw a circle at 0,0 4mm big then go draw a line starting point 0 an then try to move like to right or left line is just frozen an i have not even picked my second point??! Any ideas ??? Before the line would just follow where ever cursor arrow went

Heres a video

try zooming out till you can see a few lines from the grid if you are too far in. it might be that you are having grid snap activated which prevents you from seeing anything till you are over a certain distance. turning off grid snap may also reintroduce immediate feed back. but i would consider it as a bit of a bug either.

can i just downgrade rhino everything was working perfect until i updated rhino???

since my words sunk into oblivion like blind missiles playing battle ship, i would suggest to try and upload your announced video, which obviously didnt make it. maybe then somebody can figure what you are talking about.

So i have to go make another account some where else just to up load a video here that is 22 sec long ???

hi @DAX_SMOLENSKY pls responde directly to posts, its the 2nd time i am coincidentally seeing that you answered. just press on that reply button in the posts in case you didnt see it.

regarding your video, why would it have to be that large anyway? and to answer one of your former questions, yes you can downgrade anytime. just install the older version choosing to replace.

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Ok so my problem turns out to be my mouse i have been using a Mad Katz rat3 an i guess rhino 5.5.5 dosnt like it. I plugged in another mouse i had just some cheapie 2 button an middle scroll wheel with click. Everything works perfect in rhino. Lol so ill just use the cheapie mouse. Thought i would let u know.

hmm sounds odd, no mouse should prevent you from working in rhino maybe @dan wants to have a look. but just to be sure, before 5.5.5 it worked?

Yes all worked fine before 5.5.5