4View please

Hi everyone
Anyway someone can tell me how to get to 4 views… This IS really important copy/paste in new file is a pain…

Thanks :disappointed_relieved:

there isn’t an easy way to do it yet. (assuming you’d like to reset all viewports to default states).
maybe it will make it into a 5.x release?

Yeah, lots of little pains right now, esp. for people used to Windows… Make sure you have a good stock of painkiller. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is filed as http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-292 for future reference. Does ZEA help in the meantime?

Thanks guys… seems to me that this would be a must have since the beginning… duh windows or not…
Brian, ZEA just does not do the trick to get your 4 views back so you can actually model…:slight_smile:
thanks and hope it will be at least in script soon…

Thanks for checking Jennifer, I use 4View myself in Windows Rhino but don’t personally find it all that different than a zoom extents or a zoom selected to be able to focus on an area while modeling. Can you explain any more about what you get with 4View that helps over these other methods? I think the reason this hasn’t been a priority (and I’m making stuff up now) is that many of us don’t know why the command is important in some workflows. Any feedback as to where it is better than the options I suggested would help raise the priority. I totally back your request, but any more detail would help promote this.

Do you mean you have changed the sizes of the viewports (by dragging the borders) and you want to get them back to all being equal sizes? Or do you want to reset the default views in each viewport to Top/Front,Right,Perspective with the default CPlanes in each? Or both? Or neither?


Brian: one thing to consider on items like this (and just speaking for myself here) is that as new (or relatively) new users, items we find important May be simply because we haven’t been using it for years and just don’t know there is probably a much better way of doing something that we aren’t aware of that a better workflow exists.

In short we may be prioritizing items that may not need to be if we were just more aware of the better way of doing things.

For example when you did the jewelry video there were tools in there I didn’t even know existed, and I’d been using very basic and atomic tools with multiple steps to achieve the same thing.

Likewise once I started setting up the spacepilot 3d mouse and noticed the fit button it dawned on me there probably was a matching command for it.

What this sort of underscores is a need for a kind of “best practices” or at least a “better practices” doc / help / whatever. If such a thing were to exist, it would more than likely cut down considerably on the support requirements’ decrease the complaints of bug reports on features which while perhaps being valid, may have remained unaddressed on the windows platform simply because there were far better solutions to the same problem the majority of the user base has known for quite some time.

With the Mac release, my guess is you’ve probably got a high percentage of first time users regardless of platform (like me), who have no idea what the best approaches to a given problem may be.

So while granted, one should be able to return to the default 4 views in this case, probably a lot of your folks and established users never noticed it in the first place is there.are better or more efficient workflow practices out there they use and thus never have a need to restore the 4 views.

I’d love to see more sort of in depth docs / tuts on tools and workflow. While command help may tell you HOW a tool works it doesn’t tell you WHY it’s there or WHEN you might need it. Further as a lot of these tools are buried (or only accessible via command line), it’s possible to do things “the hard way” indefinitely simply due to lack of awareness that a better approach exists.

default 4views :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Mark… I agree and see what you’re saying. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a tutorial series called “Things I forgot I didn’t know” maybe that’s confusing but it sums it up. I think a video on tips for working with Booleans would make sense as a place to start. Please let me know if you have any ideas for subject matter as well. Like any vocation… the further down the rabbit hole you go, what you wondered at first becomes a blur.

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Not to hijack…

Maybe first things first:

Curves, degrees, cusps, kinks, self intersections, as without a decent comprehension of the very basics one is doomed to a never ending sea of “why did that fail”?

Down the road a bit, booleans yup, as it is usually the first thing a brand new user has go south. It might even be beneficial to do it completely manually to show what’s going on under the hood and use that to point out where and why they fail’ and perhaps even more importantly approaches to modelling that could preclude the failure in the first place.

Your piece in the logo on the rounded solid video was something of a revelation to me (I come from as acis pure solids background so the nuts and bolts of disassembling solids to surfaces and trimming those to make it work was all new).

I’d also think a piece on construction planes would be good as it’s probably an area the few new users even know exist and why they are important. I’d guess a lot of folks never leave then inherent CP’s that exist in the default views.

Couple off the top of my head…

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Well, view properties (projection, lens length, CPlane) should be possible to re-initialize via a script (no guarantees though), but the things that are difficult/impossible to access on the Mac side currently are viewport sizes and which view goes in which viewport


Well, I just had to try this:

import scriptcontext as sc

Was pretty sure it wouldn’t work on Mac (it does in Windows Rhino) - but heck, was worth a try…

On launch I get:

Users/bozo…? :smile:

Plus, I get the spinning beach ball and a big “Rhino quit unexpectedly” message…

@BrianJ: Voting for “the basics” in 2D, then 3D.

Starting with these: Snaps, Ortho, Smart Track, Planar, & Project with a focus on getting precise and accurate results. From these core competencies all else could build.

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The 4View command should be present and working in the latest RhinoWIP (5E169w). Please test it out.

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