4 ways lofting

Hi is there a way I can loft curves from 4 different directions?

This looks like a job for xNurbs, however there is no version for macOS. To succed with traditional tools you would need to define more curves for rails of surfaces edges, to create couple of 4 sided surfaces.

Hello - this looks like SubD to me…


Yes I tired SubD already but did not manage to make that form…

The trick is to _Crease the corner points

cross.3dm (192.3 KB)


Yes but - pretty hard to get rid of the spoilers though, at the openings.
@ferhyunt - you can do this with surfaces but not one surface.


Ferhyunt.3dm (224.2 KB)
(195.5 KB)
here is an example of what looked close to yours. It is with xnurbs. I should have done it with tangency to 4 horizontal surfaces.—-Mark
made a new surface as described in last sentance.