4 Views Printing

Hi, Is there a way to print all 4 views trough “Print” ?

Create a Layout that contains the 4 views you want to print.


Does this help?

Yes, Tnx !

Does anyone know why do i get this hard shadings (Attached Pic) when “printing to file” ?
I’v tried “Print color” & “Display color” settings & got the same results…

The the detail views set for Shaded display?

Nope…i need it on renderd…

Hey, Really need some help with this…Problem not solved yet…
Anyone ?

I guess we don’t quite understand the question.
What is the problem with the image you posted?
The result of the “Rendered” style of viewport shading is dependant on the lighting of the scene and if you don’t have any lighting set up, the default is used.
You can change the default lighting in the options or add some lights in the scene.

Tnx @Marc,
That seems pretty much the answer… :slight_smile:
I was trying to get a quick rendered layout print to file image without messing with lighting setup… Guess there’s no shortcuts here…

It looks like you have created a light and then aligned your view camera looking mostly back towards the light. This will give the same result as taking a picture of people with their backs to the sun.

There are a couple of approaches, both covered in the tutorials that I strongly recommend you go through.

If you delete the light you made, then the default light will turn back on and it follows the camera position. It says above and to the left of the camera point.

You can also rotate the light around so it is on the same side of the the objects as the camera. A little angle away will give a shadow effect. This is called your “Key” light but it can make very dark shadows. Create another light at a low angle that is aimed into the shadow area. Change the brightness or the color (make it dark gray) to partially illuminate the dark shadows. This is called a “Fill” light.

It also looks like you have not assigned any rendering materials to the layers or objects in your scene. Again, this is covered in the tutorials.

Good luck

Tnx @John_Brock,
I’m trying to produce a real quick basic image without messing with colors, materials & lights…
I’ll try to set myself a basic light scene and save it, see if that solves it.