4 View Visualization Problem on new Samsung notebook

Hi, sorry my english because i’m italian.
In this days i’m trying to work with Rhino 5 (last version) in my new Notebook but i have many visualization problem in standard 4 view interface.
When i use 3 view interface rhino work fine. I think the problem is the OpenGL…but there’s any solution?

The notebook is Samsung Series 7 Chronos 770Z5E:

  • Core i7 3635QM / 2.4 GHz
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit
  • 8 GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 8870M / Intel HD Graphics 4000 (driver from samsung updated)

for example:
if i click on the button with the right mouse the result is the prospective view is duplicated casually and take another view. (and appears a black line in the view replaced)

To return at normal 4 visualization i must click on the name o the prospettive view (in my case “Prospettica”)

other problem when i try to create an object. The view where i want to draw seem’s not responding in real time.i don’t see the line of the object i want to create.

Thanks for the help

What GPU is Rhino running on?

Possibly you are running on the Intel, which is a known troublemaker. In my NVidia/Intel Combo, I need to specify the Applications that should see the NVidia card in the driver settings. Otherwise even accelerated mode of Rhino woul use the Intel chip.

Halo poses a key question, considering your comment ::

  • AMD Radeon HD 8870M / Intel HD Graphics 4000 (driver from samsung updated)

The i7’s builtin graphics are referred to as “Graphics 4000”, so the driver you mention is for that, NOT the AMD Radeon. If it’s the driver that your computer reports for the video system, you are surely using the Intel builtin. The driver for the AMD will specifically refer to the AMD.

As Halo mentioned, somewhere in your video system setup menu there should be an option to specify which adapter to use. With Nvidia there is the capability to specify it by app, but I don’t know whether the AMD driver allows this or whether you can just tell it to use one or the other for everything.

Hi Eternal,

Your issue sounds a lot like the issues described in a couple of other posts and seem related to AMD cards and their drivers:


no,i’m sure it use AMD because i force it by radeon driver panel

umh…seems the same problem! i hope they can resolve it…i put my configuration in that post…thanks Willem