3mf file format (successor to STL?)

Are their any plans to add 3mf 3d printer format to Rhino 6?

Hi Chester - amf support will be in there, I am not sure how that relates to 3mf. Checking…


I had a request from a client for a 3MF file today. I didn’t know what it was, so started looking around a little and came across this article:


Anyway, since this thread had died, I figured I’d revive it as this article has some relevance to the question posted by ccjohn.


Funny, this is something we’ve looked into this week. Hopefully you will see something in a future Serengeti release.

– Dale

For anyone who is curious, here is another article written for GrabCAD, regarding AMF and 3MF formats.

I would also like to know if there is plan for 3mf file format for Rhino 5 or 6.

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