3ds model import

Does this model open correctly in Rhino?
I see that it’s presented wrong in Rhino in several different ways.

It looks OK here in V6/WIP but so far does not open in V5. The materials are a little ‘funky’ with 100% reflectivity but set to black, as well as black gloss - I guess I’d mess with that some.


Ok, so the problem seems to be only in V5.
And in V6/WIP geometry is correct, but the materials are wrong?

Hi Igvk - I do not know if they are wrong, they look ugly in Rhino but that may be what the material in the 3ds is like. I have one other example of a mesh with such a material- I’m looking into whether it was from 3ds format - if so, then maybe indeed there is something we can do differently in interpreting 3ds materials.