3dmback being created when option unchecked - v6 bug

In v6 Rhino is producing 3dmbak files even when the option is turned off when saving to v5 file types when a v6 file with the same name already exists. See video showing issue. Note I’m not using drive syncing or any technology that I’m aware that could cause file locking. This does not occur when saving v6 over v6 files, only v5 over v6, or v5 over v5.

Hello - I can reproduce this - thanks for the report.
Though, looking again, the exact thing you show is misleading since no 3dmbak file is ever saved on the initial save of a new file. I’ll poke at it some more.



correct. when saving v6 format the 3dmbak is not there, but when you save v5 over an existing v6 file the 3dmbak is created. it is an issue with saving non-v6 file types. same thing happens if you save v4, etc