3dm with RAL layer colors + set of Vray NEXT materials in matte, satin and highgloss

I was doing some testing with pythonscripting materials and along the way created the attached file that has all layers as ral colors. Might be useful to some. But the actual goal was to be able to mass-manipulate V-Ray materials. The attached zip contains all RAL colors as V-Ray NEXT materials in these finishes:
high gloss - matte - satin

Note: since these materials were generated, they don’t have a preview icon unfortunately. So you need to generate those by loading the material and saving it back.
thanks @Nikolay for your help!

RAL_matte_satin_highgloss.zip (6.4 MB) ral-layer-colors.3dm (921.5 KB)


Wow, thank you very much for this collection. Often I used RAL colors and it will be help.

@Nikolay Maybe a function to refresh the icons of material libraries could be added.

This is awesome, thanks a lot! Would it be possible to share the python script as well?

I have to check if it still works. What do you have in mind with the script?

I would like to do the same (generate a set of materials with 3 finishes) for AwlGrip and Alexseal coatings. I have the reference RGB color values in two files.

I just tested it and every V-Ray version works slightly different. Chaos group has changed things often between versions. So I don’t think I am going to share any scripts here because I am afraid it will lead to many questions. I can send the script to you by pm, but from there you’re on your own.

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It would be great if you can send it with by pm, I will work on adapting it.