3DM in visualArtWork Editors like Quartz Composer

As developer between iOS and OSX i am focused on integration of a proper workflow using models made with Rhinoceros inside visual art work. This workflow mostly touches or uses an existing environment named quartz composer on the mac. With quartz composer it is possible to visualize any kind of plugged Data decoders into a Quartz View. QuartzViews can be included in OSX.Apps and is allready supporting a lot of different 3D input formats via 3rd Party Plugins or via a native supported *.dae format. But until now i missed an entry point for native Rhino files. Even if it is possible to to exchange data in one of the allready supported formats it would be much easier to integrate 3DM files via the OpenNurbs SDK with an special made 3DM Quartz PlugIn.

There are a lot different Platforms for visualisation of data based on Quartz Views like
2 V-P,
even iMovie,
Final Cut,
iTunes (a little different but mainly also able to use quartz focused code)
and a lot different others.
quartz composer,

So as i know how to, i’d like to ask first if there is any interest of some fellows here that could possibly join that work.

An major solution will be, like all the other widely supported 3d Formats in Quartz that a 3dm file would be decoded into its vertex data and textures if available.

But until now i miss this whole point of view from the developer side at mc neel to support all those possibilities who could come up with it for mac using creatives.

Edit: This may open up also a whole new world/chance to go forward with the idea of node based programming on the mac side with rhino based data, as it is possible to handle objects the same as grasshopper does allready with node <–> ‘cable’ <–> node connections and is not only for visual work with FPS. A good example on how this could work is facebooks origami mobile prototyping framwork made possible with a simple quartz composer plugin.

Interesting. There’s a lot here to unpack. I admit, I’ve only dabbled with Quartz.

What is missing from openNURBS that would allow it to be used to create a Quartz plugin?