3DM Import with Hatches

I’ve got a question about importing a 3DM file using the Grasshopper 3DM import component. Is it possible to import hatches from within the 3DM file? When I save a 3DM file which includes hatch objects, and then try to import this file from within Grasshopper, only the geometry types show up (not hatches). Is this a bug? Or a feature that just hasn’t been implemented yet. Is it possible to work around this using a custom C# script?

Hi @andy7,

Grasshopper doesn’t have native support for Hatch objects, which is why you see them imported as curves.

A Hatch object is really just one or more planar boundary curves and an associated HatchPattern that is referenced from the document.

It should be possible to import both Hatch and HatchPattern objects from 3dm files using C#. For these to display properly, you will want to add them to the document.

Does this help?

– Dale