3dm File unreconized

Good morning,
I try to open some old files I made a few years ago.
Unfortunately Rhino won’t recognize them.
They are 3dm files, and grasshopper files are corrupted too.
How can I solve this problem ?
Many thanks

did you try the command Rescue3dmFile?

Good Morning,
I try to use it.
Apparently, there are some problems with

ERROR Read3dmStartSection() failed

So I still not get it.
I try to recover it buut nothing coming … gosh


can you post one of those corrupted example files? sometimes there are additional files lying around with the ending bak which you might be able to open.

Verrine_Essai_08.gh (224 Bytes) Verrine_Essai_08.3dm (294 Bytes)

This is a exemple. Rhino file with Grasshopper study

these seem to be some temporary files. i am not sure i can help you further here, you have to look where else you could have saved that files

analyzing them i found the following


thats all that file contains.

the grasshopper file looks similar


Many thanks for your help.
It seems I have to find back the original files,