3dm file emulator


hi everyone i want to ask if someone know if there is free emulator software for 3dm file


what do you mean by emulator? moi3 can open them. its also not free. you can download it and use it but not saving the same like rhino as an evaluation copy. i also believe solidworks has a workflow in one direction but not exporting as 3dm file. i read that autocad can open them never tried that but seems to work well.

here a list which i found additionally, take it with a grain of salt i have no experience and also not sure if any of those are free http://file.org/extension/3dm


The Rhino evaluation version is free and will open Rhino .3dm files forever… It just won’t save them after the 90 day trial period is up, but you can still view and manipulate files.

If however, by “emulator” you man you are looking something which will allow you to run Rhino in full mode without paying for it, this is the wrong place to be asking…