3dm-file consistently crashes on opening after freezing program when changing view mode

This file now consistently crashes Rhino when I try to open it.
This started happening after the file froze the program when trying to change the view mode in perspective view from wire frame to shaded. The file has only quite simple geometries and is not very big. Other files still work well. I have tried to restart the computer and reconnect to the licence host.
I can add the crash report if needed. Any way to salvage my file?

I am working on Version 6 (6.23.20055.11282, 2020-02-24) from a MacBook Pro 13" (2018) running High Sierra.

Interior Krier.3dm (15.4 MB)

This is the crash report:

Crash report.txt (126.4 KB)

Hi @martin.tosterud,

On my windows PC your file also crashes on start.

It is possible to open it in safemode though, see Starting Rhino in Windows | Rhino 3-D modeling

I found 4 bad objects vie the _SelBadObjects command and after deleting those from the file it can be opened again :slight_smile:

Interior Krier.3dm (7.4 MB)

Hope to help

Thank you very much. I will keep this in mind for the future.

Hei Martin -
I am currently opening that file in Rhino 7 and have also used the Rescue3dmFile command in Rhino 6 to bring in the geometry. As of now, neither of those have crashed but are trying to create display meshes. Both have been going for a few minutes, but, so far, no crash.

Is it possible that what you describe as freezing the program was a state where Rhino tried to create display meshes? At this point, I’m just trying to figure out if anything should be looked into…

Just to add to this, I canceled the opening of the file after around 2 minutes with the task-manager, so it might have been openening with enough time given

Hei igjen, Martin - I’ve now tried to open that file on an internal build of 6.25 on the Mac and that does indeed crash on that platform. I’ll put that on the list - RH-57563.