Hopefully a very simple problem… in Rhino 5 the right click of my space navigator zoomed the selected object with is very useful. Rhino 6 zooms to the extents. Is there a way changing this back in the preferences.
Many thanks, paleblue

This can be set up in your 3dconnexion control panel.
There should be a small 3dconnexion icon in your taskbar.
Right-click on it with Rhino running in the foreground for access.


I’ve had a look and “zoom selected” doesn’t appear to be an option. How do I find or create it?

Many thanks, Paleblue

It also is showing the settings for R5 whilst R6 is running…

If You select the “makro” option in the dropdown menu for the button you can define a simple shortcut to be executed as a makro (within 3dconnexion software).
You can then define an alias in Rhino to be triggered by that shortcut.
Hope that helps.
Cheers, Norbert