3DConnexion - wrong label wording

The label behind the last of the 5 checkboxes says: “Rotate about the camera”
Probably it should say: “Rotate around the camera”

Technically, don’t they mean the same thing? I haven’t broken out my OED yet…

it seems you are more correct than I.

Sorry for having you interrupted.

Naaah, don’t worry about it. To be honest, “Rotate about” seems very “proper” to me and not very friendly. “Rotate around” seems more direct and more easily understood. But I am 'Merican.

So it really comes down to: making this change triggers a conversation with the entire translation team - a very diligent group - who will ask questions about the nuance of “about” versus “around” in their languages (which may or may not make this distinction), which I don’t have a good answer for. Then this triggers a change in the documentation (or maybe not, I haven’t checked), new screenshots get taken. Yadda yadda yadda…I’m not complaining, just sharing :wink:

Please keep calling them when you see them. We appreciate as many sharp eyes on this product as we can get.